Spring cleaning: How do I keep my parquet flooring looking good?

Here we leave you a guide for effective spring cleaning, which will be divided between two very specific areas, outdoors and indoors.


You should spend time on all outdoor elements, whether they are furniture such as blinds and others, cleaning them with a microfibre cloth, hot water and the cleaning product.
Then move on to cleaning the outdoor floors, for example on the terrace, which during the winter may have built up ingrained dirt and needs to be cleaned thoroughly.


This time, the first thing we will do is remove the accumulated dust and the technique that should be used and is the most logical is to do it top down. We must try to reach all the corners, and if we find some difficult to access, we can use a microfibre cloth.
Then move on to the furniture, especially the top where more dust will have accumulated, and the heaters, being very careful where the dust builds up much more easily.

Finish by cleaning the floors, washing them with an ideal cleaner to thoroughly clean the floors and leave them shiny and safe.

Finally, if you want a perfect finish, apply wax to make your floors shine to the full.