What do you do when your wooden floor fades?

Over the years, the sun, heat and humidity cause wooden floors to lose their natural colour, because they are exposed to natural wear and tear. This may mean certain problems, such as:

– Scratches on the floor caused by contact with other objects
– Loss of protective layer
– Swelling or deformation of the floor
– Areas where varnish is missing

For floors to preserve their appearance, colour, tone and shine in the best possible way, we recommend a series of basic cleaning and maintenance tips for the care and protection of your wooden floor.

* Place a doormat at the door to prevent entering with wet or dirty feet and avoid stains and footprints

* Place a shoe rack at the entrance to change shoes and avoid leaving marks on the floor every time we come in from the street

* Place adhesive protections on the furniture legs to avoid scratches when they are moved

* Monitor the humidity conditions of the area

* Use the appropriate special products for each type of floor and monitor the water doses when cleaning

* There are products that prevent possible loss of colour, such as waxes for parquet. Similarly, if the damage is more serious and the parquet is natural, it is advisable to sand it and apply varnish or oil to the wood. (Consult an expert).

* If we want to prevent loss of shine, it is best to use a specific polishing product. The point of using this product is to protect the quality protective film and revive the floor’s shine. To do this, we clean thoroughly to remove all the dirt on the surface and that which may be ingrained in more porous floors.