Is there a risk if I clean my parquet floor with a different cleaner?

To keep your parquet floor clean, moisten the wood with a damp mop a couple of times a week. This will alleviate the presence of bacteria. It can be mopped with a neutral pH product. The use of abrasive or corrosive products such as vinegar, bleach or ammonia is not recommended:

* Vinegar: parquet is the floor that suffers the most with detergents that contain vinegar. This is a product that produces roughness and cracks in the parquet and can damage it irreparably if it is used to clean it.

* Bleach: It is not recommended to use bleach to wash the parquet since its abrasive capacity can eliminate the colour of the wood and make it fade.

* Ammonia: This can damage the parquet varnish and cause it to crack.

That is why ALEX recommends the use of Cleaners such as the Extra Clean and Extra Care range.