Differences between natural and artificial parquet

Do you know the difference between natural wood and artificial wood flooring? When distinguishing natural wood parquet from artificial, we must take into account 3 key points:

1. Price: Naturally, the price of the two types of flooring is not the same. The greater the use of wood, that is the amount of wood, the higher the price of the floor. Artificial parquet is made of pressed wood fibres and natural parquet is nothing but wooden boards. So the price of the second is considerably higher than that of the first.

2. Endurance: In terms of resistance to external factors, natural wood is more delicate than artificial. Factors such as overexposure to the sun can damage natural wood flooring much more, and it can be scratched more by people passing each day.

3. Maintenance: With artificial wood flooring, we do not have to be so careful and it is much easier to maintain with a broom, vacuum cleaner and even a mop. However, if we are talking about natural parquet flooring, contact with water must be moderate and cleaning products must be applied following the instructions to avoid scratching the floor or damaging it. Alex offers you specific products for each type of floor.

Now that you know the 3 key points that distinguish natural wood flooring from artificial, you are ready to take care of the floor in your home.