The most useful tips for cleaning wooden floors!

Wooden floors are commonplace in homes both for their warmth and beauty. As it is a delicate material that wears easily and is very absorbent, it is recommended to follow a series of tips to know how to clean these floors.

* Use soft materials: Start by removing the dust with a broom or vacuum cleaner. Then use a cloth type mop to easily remove any moisture.

* Always use specific, professional products to clean wooden floors to extend their useful life and take care of the material.

* We recommend washing the floors every 2-3 days using appropriate products, following the manufacturer’s instructions and protecting your hands with rubber gloves.

* It is important to combat humidity in your floors, because it can cause deformations and swelling. Therefore, abundant water should not be used when cleaning wooden floors.

* What’s more, once the wash is finished, dry the surfaces by wiping the wood floor with a dry cloth.