How to make your wooden floors shine?

Wooden floors are delicate and must be properly cared for so that they remain bright and nourished for a long time. The use of waxes is recommended to preserve the appearance of your wooden floor and make it look new:

* To provide extra shine we can apply a layer of colourless wax 2 times a year depending on the condition of the floor.

* We can make our floor look new a wood renovator. We will cover scratches and restore the original shine and colour of your wooden floor, leaving it as new.

* ALEX offers you two different solutions for a more frequent treatment to maintain the condition of your floor. If what you are looking for is a more general care of your wooden floors, use the self-polishing wax that protects your floors, delaying natural wear and tear while providing maximum shine. And if what you are really looking for is a more recurrent care, you have renovating wax straight on the floor, the ideal treatment that renews and protects your floors quickly and easily.