Useful tips to eliminate scratches on wooden floors

Wooden floors bring a lot of warmth to the home and there are several types; parquet and fixed and floating laminate flooring. They differ from each other in the thickness of the wood and the procedure for installing each type.

They also have the disadvantage of being easily damaged, especially if there are children at home, so inevitably, over the years, it can be damaged, worn and scratched. In this case, even if these damages are barely noticeable, it is advisable to repair them as soon as possible, since they can grow.

Although daily maintenance is done, it is useful to know those products that help us eliminate and protect the floor from scrapes and scratches. Likewise, apart from the use of maintenance products, it is advisable to follow a series of ideal preventive actions.

* Use specific waxes to remove scratches, cracks and other damage

* Place rugs and carpets at the doors that face outside. This can help trap dirt, sand, stones, and other debris that can scratch the floor if it hits the parquet.

* Place felt protectors under the legs of furniture such as tables and chairs to avoid scratching the floor. This will allow you to move them easily without damaging the parquet.

* If you have dogs, keep their nails trimmed to avoid scratches on the floor.

These are tips that work, but the most important thing is to use products such as waxes to ensure that the parquet remains in good condition. It is recommended to apply the product a couple of times a year to create a thin layer of protection that extends the parquet’s useful life and enhances its attractiveness.