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ALEX Dust Trap Nourish Parquet – Wood Floor


ALEX Dust Trap Nourish Parquet is the fastest and most convenient solution to easily clean all types of parquet floors.

It nourishes wooden floors while protecting them, achieving an instant shine with a pleasant allergen-free scent.

Applied on the mop, it eliminates 90% of allergens. It also captures twice as much dust* as using only a dry mop, making daily cleaning much faster and more efficient.

Thanks to the avocado extract, it hydrates and enhances the wood’s natural shine, leaving the floor clean and protected. The formula does not grease or leave traces.

*Tested on terrazzo with standard dust.

Surface Type

  • Ideal for wooden and laminate flooring


Nourishes and revitalises colour
Nourishes and revitalises colour
Eliminates 90% of allergens2 times less dust
Eliminates 90% of allergens2 times less dust
Non-slip Not greasy
Non-slip Not greasy

Usage Advice

1. Shake well before use.

2. Spray on the mop for 3 or 4 seconds from a distance of 20 cm.

3. Wait a few seconds for the mop to absorb the product.

4. Wipe the surface with the mop.

If the surface is very large or if you want to reinforce the shine, the mop should be sprayed every 5-10m2.
If a textile mop is used, it is recommended to machine wash it periodically to remove accumulated dirt.