How to clean wooden furniture?

Wooden furniture requires certain specific care in order to be preserved for longer and look perfect.

Here are some tips to clean your furniture and prolong its beauty and life.

1. Do not use ammonia for varnished, waxed or lacquered wooden furniture. Over time this can reduce the shine and alter its colour.

2. Clean dirt frequently with a specific cleaning product. Advisably each day or several times a week.

3. Wooden furniture is delicate. Therefore, avoid using scourers or utensils that can damage the surface. Use soft cloths, such as microfibre

4. Wax the furniture once a week.

5. Protect the wooden furniture from external factors such as heat. Don’t put anything hot on them.

6. Be careful with damp. Natural wood absorbs water very well. You have to avoid liquid spills on your furniture.

7. Remove stains by rubbing with a cloth until they disappear completely.