Care and restoration of rustic furniture

Restoring rustic furniture has its peculiarities and requires following a few steps. Here we offer you the perfect guide to do this!

1. You will need several materials, such as sandpaper, brush, spatula, small brushes, dry rags and some cotton.

2. Before starting, you have to clean the furniture. For this, you can use the specific Cleaner product.

3. After cleaning it, you should remove any traces of varnish and paint from the furniture. To do this, you can apply stripper with a brush and remove the cover with a spatula. If small traces remain, use fine sandpaper to remedy it.

4. Old furniture may have some woodworm or moths. Apply a product to eradicate them before restoring the furniture.

5. To restore, you must fill the cracks in the furniture with a special putty.

6. Once you have the furniture restored, it is advisable to paint or varnish it and then wait 24 hours until it has dried. Then it will be time to sand this layer and repaint or varnish.

7. When it is dry, the furniture must be waxed with colourless wax, which will give the wood a natural shine. It is convenient to repeat the waxing process a couple of times a year, to maintain its appearance. It is highly recommended to repeat this process of waxing the furniture a couple of times a year, thus ensuring that it maintains its appearance.

8. Finally, it will be time to maintain the furniture properly. Here, it will be necessary to avoid contact with damp and avoid exposure to the sun.
Use a dry cloth to clean furniture and apply a coat of wood wax.

Do you want to restore your furniture?