How to polish your floors?

To make your floors shine, carry out a regular cleaning on your laminate, cold or vinyl floors first with a dry mop. To do this, use a dust mop and apply it dry on the surface.

For greater efficiency, you can apply aerosol mop products. These products add instant shine while protecting and cleaning the floor.

It is important that in commonly-used areas we carry out a more intense cleaning to maintain the shine.

If what you are looking for is to renew your floors, you can apply waxes every 3-6 months depending on their state.

ALEX offers you two different solutions for a more frequent treatment to maintain the condition of your floor. If what you are looking for is a more general care of your wooden floors, use the self-polishing wax that protects your floors, delaying natural wear and tear while providing maximum shine. And if what you are really looking for is a more recurrent care, you have renovating wax straight on the floor, the ideal treatment that renews and protects your floors quickly and easily.