Guide for cleaning a house with pets

Our dogs and cats are an important part of the home, the only thing is that being animals they make more mess than humans. Do not worry about your house being ruined, here we show you how to clean homes with pets.

1. Let’s start with grooming; the good smell of your house depends a lot on your dog’s grooming. As you know, you can’t bathe it often, but there are wet wipes for pets that will help you keep your dog clean and smelling good.

Don’t forget its food; a healthy meal keeps its breath healthy.

2. Cleaning your house regularly or when your dog has urinated somewhere in it, even in the garden, is very important. Letting odours or your pet’s leftovers accumulate causes irreparable smells, even if you use the best air fresheners.

3. Washing its utensils will also help maintain your home’s cleanliness and harmony. Your dog or cat’s toys and bed can accumulate residual saliva or hair that, if not cleaned frequently, accumulate germs and dirt.

4. And if we talk about things in your house that can accumulate bad smells, carpets are top of the list. Your dog is home most of the time and will sometimes lie down on them. Don’t forget to shake them out daily.

5. When you clean your home, put the secret touch on it. A few drops of Fabuloso on your floor won’t hurt.