Guide of activities to care for your home and protect your family

Here are some tips to improve the cleaning at home and get the most out of the process.

1. First consult the label of any cleaning product to identify important information such as recommendations for use, contact time.

2. Keep your home well aired, especially in the busiest areas.

3. Clean all the areas of your home, both those that have more dirt because they are used more frequently and those that have less, to avoid spreading germs and bacteria.

4. Clean your purchases and and most widely-used objects when you get home (keys, glasses, door handles, telephones).

5. Take off your shoes when you get home, because they are a source of dirt and can easily stain the floor. You can also easily clean the sole with a wipe.

These tips will make house cleaning easier and more efficient. Remember to use ALEX to keep the house cleaner longer!

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