Tips for maintaining waxed concrete floors

Waxed concrete floors are easy to maintain but sensitive to certain products.

Here are some very useful tricks to keep them in the best condition, depending on the location of the floor.


To wash your waxed concrete floor, we recommend not using cleaning products that contain bleach or acidic components, or metal brushes. In this way we will avoid damaging the waxed concrete and the protective layer that covers it.

Therefore, this time you can use a soapy cleaner that will clean the floor gently and effectively.

If what you are looking for is a more intense shine, you can use waxes that will help enhance the effect. Dampen your mop with the cleaning product and water mixture and gently wipe it across the floor.


To clean a concrete terrace outdoors, it is also recommended to use a soapy cleaner that stands out for its effectiveness.

This time, if you want to enhance the shine, it will be necessary to apply a layer of wax to the outside to restore the shine on your terrace, if possible every 2 years.