Discover how to look after your slate flooring

Slate floors can be found in interior decorations.

They have an infinity of qualities, such as the ability to absorb stains, mechanical resistance, and are unalterable and ecological. But at the same time, they have a porous laminate structure.

With the range of cleaning products, you now have the perfect and sustainable solution to clean and protect your slate surfaces with specific products. They are gentle cleaners and effective with slate floors thanks to their formula. It allows the floor to be maintained and protected against stains and also adds shine and intensifies the colour of your floor. Always with the utmost respect.

1- Apply the product with a well wrung mop once the dust and dirt have been removed from the surface.

2- Once the product is applied, dry any moisture with a towel or mop. Any damp can penetrate the pores and wear the surface. Once excess moisture is removed, allow the floor to air dry.

3- Repeat the process approximately every 3 months. Good maintenance will avoid the need for more complicated treatments in the future.

Give your floors back their original beauty!