Repair scratches on cold and porous floors

Cold or porous floors are hard and resistant to wear. Due to their porosity, dirt becomes embedded in them and is difficult to remove, therefore it is advisable to perform good base cleaning to facilitate maintenance.

In this sense, although daily maintenance is done, it is useful to know those products that help us eliminate and protect the floor from scrapes and scratches.

Likewise, apart from the use of maintenance products, a series of actions are advisable to prevent scrapes and scratches:

– Place rugs and mats at the entrances of the home that give onto the outside. This can help trap dirt, sand, stones, and other debris that can scratch the floor if it hits the parquet.

– Place felt protectors under the legs of furniture such as tables and chairs to avoid scratching the floor.

– If you have dogs, keep their nails trimmed to avoid scratches on the ground.