How to clean vinyl flooring?

Vinyl floors have a powerful surface protection treatment for greater resistance to all types of damage. They also require a minimum of cleaning and maintenance.

For your floors retain their natural appearance like new, follow these tips:

* Remove dirt and sand.

* Control spills and quickly remove any liquid, to avoid damage and fading.

* Apply a microfibre mop or vacuum cleaner to remove everyday dirt and dust.

* Place protective pads under furniture and their legs.

* Avoid rubber materials on objects that rest on vinyl flooring as they can cause staining.

* Use doormats at entrances to prevent dirt or dust from entering and to facilitate cleaning.

* Use an appropriate cleaner. Clean vinyl floors with natural and soft products, which will not leave any marks when they dry.

* After cleaning the floor with the appropriate cleaner, the floor must be rinsed with clean water to remove any residue. These could damage the surface later.

* Do not wax. These floors already have a coating that makes them shine, so it is not recommended to use wax later, as it could damage it.