5 tips to care for vinyl flooring

Caring for vinyl flooring is possible if you follow a series of tips:

1. Although vinyl floors are resistant to water, you must be careful not to impregnate them with water during the cleaning process because if the pieces are not welded, water could get in between and remain between the base and the floor. This could cause bad smells over time.

2. In the case of vinyl floors with special surfaces, albeit rough or embossed, they are sensitive to greasy products. We must therefore avoid the use of shoe creams, dyes, varnishes because they can penetrate the floor and stain them.

3. Use soapy cleaners for cleaning. And also avoid the use of aggressive products or solvents, such as bleach and white spirit.

4. Be careful with direct and excessive exposure of the floor to the sun and other heat sources, such as heaters, as the floor could expand and deform. On the contrary, this type of floor does not expand with humidity.

5. Avoid rubbing with abrasive pads and sandpaper