Discover the different types of cleaning

* Daily cleaning: Remove the dust with a broom or vacuum cleaner. This prevents the accumulation of dust or dirt and facilitates your floors’ maintenance.

* Weekly Cleaning: Clean once a week with a damp mop, with warm water and a neutral detergent. This helps remove dirt and keep the floor in top condition. Keep in mind that you don’t need a large amount of water to clean your floor, and keep in mind too that light colours often need more frequent cleaning.

* Stains: Treat stains immediately. Clean stains by hand with a nylon cloth and neutral detergent. Wipe from the outside of the stain towards its centre, then rinse and wipe with cold water.

– Oil, vinegar or lemon stains: remove immediately as they can cause fading on the surface of your vinyl flooring

– Ink, tomato or blood stains can be removed by putting highly diluted alcohol directly on the stain for a few minutes without scrubbing, then rinsing with water

– Felt pen and marker stains are easily removed by rubbing with a little white alcohol on a cloth and rinsing well with water

– Rust should be cleaned with a rust remover sponge and rinsed with water

As you can see, it is really easy to maintain your vinyl floors!