Useful tips in caring for laminate flooring

Laminate floors are made from materials derived from wood, but are not made of wood. Laminate imitates its appearance and is highly resistant and with brilliant results. The floors also strong and withstand the daily traffic of any home, but it is much better to increase their protection.

It is true that one of its many advantages is that it does not need as much maintenance as wooden or marble floors. In any case, it is highly advisable to follow a specific care routine to keep the floors as new.

We will now give you a series of indications for the care of your laminate floors:

1. Puts a carpet or doormat in areas prone to dirt, such as the door to homes, so that when people enter they can clean their shoes and put on their slippers. This measure of hygiene is used to avoid dirt coming in from outside, which can easily scratch the laminate floor.

2. Protect the legs of furniture, chairs and tables with felt pads to prevent damage, scrapes and scratches. Over time, it is advisable to check the condition of the felt pads regularly and replace them if necessary, as they wear out.

3. Avoid persistent damp.

4. Before cleaning laminate floors, make sure there is no residue on the floor. Also make sure the mop is slightly damp and use specific products for cleaning and care of the floor such as Alex Laminate Cleaner.