Tips get rid of stubborn stains

On laminate floors, as other floors, damage will inevitably occur over time, due to its exposure and contact with other elements.

Here we have good news, because it IS possible to fight against stains and other damage to the floor, because these are easy to clean, even when it comes to more serious and complicated stains.

Here is an activity guide to get rid of stains:

1. Remove stains as soon as possible, using the most suitable specific product such as Laminate Cleaner.

2. To remove the black marks left by the soles of shoes, rub with a sponge with the appropriate product.

3. Stains derived from liquids such as wine, beer, milk and others, usually come out with a specific cleaner. It is important to use a damp cloth.

4. Grease stains are also removed with the same treatment as liquid stains.

5. To do away with stains of dyes, varnish or nail polish, we will use a cloth impregnated with acetone. It must be applied superficially without allowing the product to enter the joints of the laminate panels.

6. If the joints of the panels get dirty, we must use a cloth or a toothbrush with a little alcohol. It is important to avoid the use of abrasive materials that can damage the floor.